About Us


About Us

We are a proud to say we are from New Mexico. The same goes for all of our employees. We know how important it is to help our community and support local business like us, and have established our business here to help the patients all around the state who benefit from the many healing properties of cannabis. When you buy our products you are supporting your community and people in it. We believe in supporting other local business as well, and have contributed to local fire stations as well as police departments and various fundraiser. Elevated is synonymous with consistency and quality that is only achieved through testing and quality standard operating procedures for all of our manufactured goods.

Mission Statement

At Vitality Extracts, we believe in the healing properties of cannabis. The founders and its employees are proudly born and raised in New Mexico. We understand how important cannabis is, and by utilizing state approved labs we can accurately dose our products with confidence and consistency. We pride ourselves on being leaders in our industry and providing a variety of safe quality products for the Medical Cannabis program and its patients.